Handmade Tibetan Brass Ashtamangala Pendant - Ākāśa

Handmade Tibetan Brass Ashtamangala Pendant

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Auspicious Symbols pendant hand made in Nepal. 
Hangs 1 3/4 inches.
Material: Brass

Eight auspicious meanings: 

Buddhism with eight kinds of objects to symbolize good fortune, called "eight auspicious" or "Buddha Eight." Triton is a pattern in which goods, Saraswati auspicious; ranked eighth disc long products, it can be used on behalf of "eight propitious". 

In accordance with Buddhist saying, "eight auspicious" has a specific symbolic meaning: The Buddha auspicious conch represents, throughout the world, is often a symbol of good luck. Melphalan represents Dharma circle round, continued from generation to generation, it is a symbol of endless life. Umbrella representation covering all openable and closable, is a symbol of protection of living beings. White cap represents masking world, purify the universe, is a symbol of sick of relief. Sacred lotus represents purity, spotless, refusing symbol contamination. Aquarius represents Fuzhi successful, there is no loophole, is a symbol of success. Goldfish showing healthy and lively, vibrant, Kyrgyzstan is increasingly a symbol of evil. Plate length indication consistent everything back, no end, is a symbol of longevity hundred.

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