What are the five elements?
Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.

When or which dynasty is it?
The Qin Dynasty, the first emperor began.

Why were the five elements important in the Qin Dynasty?
The ancient Chinese believed that the universe was made up of five elements, so Qin believed it too.

How are they organized?
There were cycles, Daoists belived that these cycles reflected changes in human affairs.

Earth was very heavy, but a wooden shovel could dig it up. So earth was defeated by wood. Wood, in turn, was defeated by metal, which could cut it. Metal lost to fire, which could melt it. Fire was vanquished by water, which put it out. And Water was tamed by earth, which could channel and dam it.

What was the color of the five elements?
Wood was Green, Fire was Red, Earth was Yellow, Metal was White and Water was Black.

What was the direction of the five elements?
Wood was East, fire was South, earth was center, metal was West and water was North.

Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water

The five elements represent a model of the universe which is cyclical yet forever changing. They represent the reoccurring natural cycles of seasonal change, moon phases, day and night, emotions, and even life and death.

The elements can work to enhance each other and promote growth. The cycle is inherent in nature. But they can also have a destructive and controlling cycle. It is up to your Feng Shui Consultant to make sure they implement the correct element when advising of remedies.

Fire Forms

Any object that produces real fire, or is pointy in shape and/or red in colour is considered a fire form.

Earth Forms

Anything that is made from earth, or is square and/or yellow, brown or beige in colour is an earth form.

Metal Forms

Anything that is made from metal, or is round or dome shaped and/or white, silver or gold in colour is a metal form.

Water Forms

Anything that contains water, or is wavy in shape, or blue and/or black in colour is a water form.

Wood Forms

Anything that is tall and/or rectangle in shape, green coloured or made from wood will be classified as a wood form.



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