Cham is a unique dance form found on the continent of Asia, in countries with land near the Himalayan mountain range. While the true history and origins of this form are hard to trace, it is deeply rooted and practiced in Tibet, Bhutan, India in Nepal. The word ‘chams’ is of Tibetan origin, and simply means “a dance.” This ancient ritual mask dance is most unique, perhaps, because it is danced exclusively by monks, and often performed outside of monasteries, or during multi-day religious festivals.

The performing of cham not only destroys all obstacles to Dharma and its people, 
it also purifies and blesses the whole earth.  
These dances leave powerful karmic imprints in the minds of the people who observe them.

Buddhist scholars believe that through cham people can recognize gods in heaven, which they will encounter after death; knowing which gods to trust in the afterlife will help one to find rebirth in a good life. 



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